Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The summer sun has somwhat cooled in the UP palins after the strom and rains Sunday onwards. The stroms have also brought a flood of raw mangoes in the local markets. I wonder if the mangoes had a chance to get ripe... would we have cheeper ripe mangoes this season? Well anyways, the king of fruits will be as expensive as it always is, be it stroms or no stroms.
Talking of fruits, I'd like to share that a few days ago I took to eating only fruits for breakfast and it has really helped me improve my digestion, my skin tone and also my mood. Lets see if I can reduce some weight by this practice...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hello GH

Hello GH,
Its been an association of about 3 years with you. I am one of your regular subscribers, but this is the first time I'm writing in.
The magzine has become a part of my life. I finish reading it within first 5 days of receiveing it and then wait for the next issue. It is full of good content and great tips.
One little thing which impresses me most is that every month there is shure to be an article or an input on the very thing that I have been thinking about! It is always there without fail since the first issue I bought from a store to every issue I recieve today at my home.
Let me explain. Last month someone refered a book called 'Fit for Life' to me for reading. Its a book that talks about healthy living and related lifestyle. The book talks at lenght about eating and sleep and exercise etc., but when it come to drinking water... it says only very little. So I was really thinking about the right amount of water intake for helthy living. And lo and behold... my GH issue of May '09 had it! This magzine never fails me... it will always talk of what I want to know!
Then the other thing that was worring me was the hyper-active behaviour of my 5 yr. old daughter. I was really in splits as to if the behaviour is hyper-active or not... and GH answered my question.
Thanks really for publishing such a good magzine. I love it and recomend it to almost all of my friends.